Two Girls (10-12) Looking at a Rack of Test Tubes


Science is a big deal at our house.  I’ve compiled a list of 10 fabulous science experiments that are perfect for preschoolers and early elementary-aged kids. They’re great choices for kids who love science already or for showing them that science can be great fun. We have already tried some of these and others are on my list of experiments I want to try.

1. Baking Soda & Vinegar: This classic and safe chemical reaction is always a hit with preschoolers. We’ve created a volcanic reaction and had a blast. Stop by Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas for instructions on how to make a big bubbly volcano.

2. Tornado in a Bottle: If you’re looking for a fun weather-related experiment, this should fit the bill. We haven’t done this one yet, but I want to! Weather Wiz Kids has all the instructions you need to make a tornado in a bottle.
3. Plant a Seed: Is there anything more fascinating that watching a seed grow? Putti’s World shows you how to grow a beanstalk in a Ziplock. It’s the perfect way to watch the stages a seed goes through before it pops out of the ground.
4. Will it Sink or Will it Float?: You can do this with a variety of household items and a sink full of water. Which ones will sink and which ones will float? Ask your kids this question and help them think critically through the scientific process. Tinkerlab has a great version of this experiment with an egg using fresh water and salt water. Looks like fun!
5. Learn About the Stages of Matter with Ice: We did this experiment and the girls were completely fascinated by watching ice melt. Have them figure out if they can turn the water back into ice.
6. Make a Cloud: I love this colorful experiment shared on Reading Confetti. It’s a great introduction to clouds and rain and I’m sure every kid would be fascinated by the results.
7. Siphon Water: How does water move? Not Just Cute shares an easy experiment you can do to help your kids start to understand a complicated science term. We’re going to try this one soon!
8. Ivory Soap Explosion: Do you know what happens when you put Ivory Soap in the microwave? The results are amazing! Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas shows you how do this fun experiment. We’ve done it before and loved the results. And the added bonus is that you’ll end up with a fun sensory element to play with!
9. Learn How Sound is Made: Your kids know what sound is and I bet they are good at making loud noises, but do they know how sound is made? Kids Activities Blog shows you how to do a fun experiment to learn all about sound.

10. Diet Coke & Mentos: You may have seen this on Myth Busters and may have wanted to do this experiment yourself. Guess what? We have and it’s fun. For this experiment, you’ll need plenty of adult supervision, but it’s very easy to do. You can find all the details at Steve Spangler Science. You should also watch their video to see just how much fun this is.

Bonus Activity ~ See How Water Travels Through a Plant: All if takes is a couple of stalks of celery, some colored water, and time, and you can see yourself how a plant absorbs water. Putti’s World shows you how to do this fascinating experiment.

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