We started doing some Chanukah crafts for a special project I am working on, and we love displaying the results around the home. Here is another of Creative Jewish Mom’s craft to keep the busy child occupied:)

Here’s a fun decoupage kid’s craft for Chanukah that will add some cheer to your home! I know that I can always use some festive handmade containers to hold Chanukah candles, dreidels, or even special treats around holiday time, and this little box is already setting the tone for our Hanukkah decorating! No strict blue and silver scheme here, which in any case is just a commercial fabrication, I’m happy to say— meaning go to town with color this Chanukah!




You’ll Need:

  • small rectangles of colored tissue paper
  • mod podge sparkle, or any decoupage medium, but love the sparkle!
  • a brush
  • a white box

How To:

Using a medium sized paint brush, apply mod podge to the box, working on small areas at a time, and carefully apply rectangles of tissue paper. Cover with another layer of mod podge and make sure all the corners and edges are adhered to the box.

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