If you’re a Pinterest-er, it’s likely you’ve seen these pop up calendars before. Although we’re going to confess, right off the bat, that even though your DIY version may not come off exactly like the ones that you’ve pinned, these handprint calendars are a fun New Year’s project to work on with your kids. Hey, you’ve got at least another week of winter break ahead of you – by now, you’ve surely reached the point where painting your kids’ hands sounds like a rational idea!

One of the best parts about these calendars is that you can easily customize them – there is no right way to make them, you can keep them as simple or take them as extreme as you’d like, and each calendar will look unique and different. Use the guide we’ve created below to get you started, then put your kids’ imaginations to work, letting them think of handprint (or footprint!) ideas for each month, how to paint their hands to make the image, and what details to fill in when the pictures have dried. psssst….Check out the Kavulla family’s handprint calendar, by clicking here. It’s definitely Pinterest-worthy! get more ideas by follow the link below.


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