Happy Monday to you all!

I don’t know about you, but if felt like a longer holiday than normal. I can’t believe that it’s December. Where did the time go! Maybe it’s because many of the children were off for the week, while mine was still at Gan until Wednesday {much different than from when we were little and only had two days off!} It really felt like a long nice break and we enjoyed all of it. I hosted this year; well like I do every year and this time I  created a seriously yummy menu and had great company!

Of course the night ended with my son at the spotlight. Showing off and being his usual funny self, the life of the party, talking in his very own vocabulary, a book I still need to purchase.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday whether it was quiet or one full of family chaos!

Are you getting ready for Christmas or Chanukah now? We have all of our décor out and almost in place. We are still in the stage where it looks like a Chanukah bomb went off. Hopefully the glitter, dreidels and gelt will soon settle making way to a much cleaner home.


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