One of the most important things foreigners check is the type of hospital care they can get in a foreign country.  I think you would not be disappointed in the Philippines as it has competent doctors (some of them also trained abroad) and nurses, although a lot of them go abroad later to seek greener pastures after gaining experience in a hospital setting.   

I am proud to say that you cannot underestimate the doctor’s and the nurse’s compassion towards their patient. What we also like about the doctors in the Philippines is the fact that they have the patience and the time to explain to you in detail about your condition especially if you have a lot of questions.  Communication would not be a problem as doctors and nurses speak perfect English( however it is at times hard to understand).  On top of that, they have this positive attitude that uplifts the patient’s spirit to hope for the best.

It is always good to have a referral from friends about specialist doctors.  Well, as anywhere in the world, if there’s a long line of patient to the doctor’s room, it’s always a good sign.

I have randomly listed down the hospitals that you can consider checking when you’re in Manila.  Most of them have their websites that would show you the different specialty departments they offer and the corresponding doctors handling such specialty.  The websites would also give you a good view of the facilities in advance.

Makati Medical Center (MMC)

Makati Medical Center PhilippinesMakati Med, as it is popularly known, was established in 1969 by Dr. Constantino Manahan, a world-renowned obstetrician-gynecologist specialist.  It is definitely one of the premier hospitals in the Philippines and is home to different specialties in the medical field.  Just to illustrate how world-class some of the doctors are in this hospital, the Pedia for my daughter (while we were still residing there) was a graduate of the prestigious John Hopkins University.

The hospital is within the Ayala business district and therefore is within the proximity of residential and commercial districts in Makati City.   It has been renovated and expanded to accommodate more rooms and other amenities like shops, coffe-shops and some fast food restaurants.

No. 2 Amorsolo Street
Legaspi Village
Makati City, Philippines 1229
+63(2) 8888-999

St. Luke’s Medical Center

St. Luke's Medical Center Quezon City PhilippinesThe St. Luke’s Medical Center Quezon City is one of the pioneers in the hospital business as it was founded in 1903 to provide out-patient care in the country.  Now, it is a 650-bed hospital with medical expertise and top of the line dianostic and lab facilities.   Some of the doctors are graduates of American universities or reputable medical school in the Philippines so you can be assured that you are given top-notch care.

A lot of Filipinos who reside or work abroad (or those insurance companies who have tie ups with St. Luke’s) are referred to this hospital especially those from Asia, Micronesia, Middle East, Europe and the US.  The main building is nice where the hospital rooms and diagnostic facilities are, but the doctor’s clinics needs renovation as it has already seen a lot of wear and tear through the years.

St. Luke's Fort Bonifacio Global City PhilippinesBecause of the success of its brand, St. Luke’s has opened in 2010 a new 620 bed hospital in Fort Bonifacio, Global City and is all modern and world-class!  Wow, it is even voted one of the most beautiful hospital designs in the world in 2012 (  It’s got premium amenities like shopping, fine dining and a hotel-like lobby with 24×7 concierge services.  Most of the doctors who practice in Quezon City are also practicing in Global City.  But of course, doctor and room rates are definitely pricier here than in Quezon City.

St. Luke’s Medical Center, Quezon City
279 E. Rodriguez Sr. Boulevard
Quezon City, 1112 Philippines

Tel. +63(2) 723-0101; +63(2) 723-0301

Fax. +63(2) 723-1199
Emergency. +63(2) 725-2328

St. Luke’s Medical Center, Bonifacio Global City
32nd St. Bonifacio, Global City
Taguig City, 1634, Philippines

Tel. +63(2) 789-7700
Fax. +63(2) 789-7599

Asian Hospital and Medical Center

The Asian Hospital and Medical Center has a 217-bed capacity and has just opened in 2002 so you can expect newer facilities. Most of the doctors who practice in Makati Medical Center are also practicing in Asian hospital so you can expect the same expertise.  The hospital lobby is also quite spacious and has the look and feel of a hotel lobby while the rooms are made to look like toned down versions of a hotel room.  I think this hospital pioneered this vision of converting the hospital setting into a more hospitable, caring and more inviting environment for the comfort of the patients and the visitors alike.   If you live in the South like Ayala Alabang or Brentville International, then Asian Hospital and Medical Center will be the practical and wise choice of hospital care for you.
+63(2) 7719-000
2205 Civic Drive, Filinvest Corporate City,
Alabang, Muntinlupa City, 1780
Cardinal Santos Medical Center

The Cardinal Santos Medical Center is 235-bed capacity hospital and was founded in 1974 with the assistance of Archbishop Rufino Cardinal Santos.  Most of the doctors from St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City also hold their clinics here.  The hospital has also continuously upgraded the hospital’s equipment so patients can also expect competent care in this low-profile hospital.

Filipino-Chinese patrons frequent this hospital as most of them also live in the nearby upscale Greenhills subdivision.
+63(2) 727-0001
10 Wilson St., Greenhils West,
San Juan City, Metro Manila,
1502 (across from the Greenhills Shopping Complex)

Medical City

Based from their website, “Medical City is a hospital with over 40 years of experience in hospital operation and administration’.  They also get a big volume of the healthcare market in the Philippines with approximately 40,000 in-patients and 400,000 out-patients annually.

If you live within the vicinity of Pasig like for example, Valle Verde, Corinthian Gardens, White Plains, Acropolis or Green Meadows, then you can consider going to Medical City.  I have heard from my sister who went there for an annual check-up that they pamper you with good service and ambience that you would feel like you’re in a hotel.
Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City, Metro Manila Philippines.
Tel. nos. (632) 635-6789, (632) 631-86-26
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