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Hello Folks…Shalom from Israel

After a 24 hr trip we have finally made it…Travel tip sometime getting a cheap ticket and going via Moscow although a neat experience “IT”S NOT WORTH IT” fly Delta via NYC. So here is my write about AeroFloat Airlines….1st plane was old, uncomfortable seat, stinky bathroom’s (or European’s need to learn personal hygiene) and the attendants were rude ride rude….and  you really have no one to complain to. Although a Delta affiliate-they don’t care. Do not exchange money in Russia…they will gip you! Oye the headache and they act like they do not know english….ya right.

There was so cool things you don’t see on a regular day. By the end of the 1st leg going towards Russia…they had a minyan at he back of the airplane, ask men if they wore tefillin and got 4 men to wrap tefillin. The trip was good. Alex was and always is a trooper traveling…Always be prepared. Once we go to the apartment..another stress provoking challenge we settled in. Very nice accommodations…Airbnb did it right along with Azi Alon. Our 3 bedroom apartment is great, centrally located and Alex’s says…I think we are going to like it here.

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Lets talk about the weather. OMG is beautiful, warm but not muggy and there is a beautiful breeze. We slept with the windows opened and enjoyed the cool breeze and NO AC…

Today is Friday and the country is getting ready for shabbas. For lunch, we went to Machane Yehuda Market (the Shuk) and got great things for dinner. Best Place Ever… as Alex screams at the smells of the breads, the treats and amazing sites. It was a Friday (shabbat) so many people were out getting what they need; the fresh breads and challahs, wine, must, fresh fruit and more!

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