There are several supermarkets on the Island that carry many Kosher items from Europe and the United States. Ling and sons and Superfoods are two of our favorites. You can find many dried goods such as cereals, pastas, canned foods and much more. There is also a small Kosher section at Ling and Sons. Due to the nature of the Island, many food items are seasonal and cannot be consistently found in local supermarkets. You may want to call  the supermarkets in advance to see what they have in stock. Ling and Sons  (+297) 5832370 or Superfoods at  (+297) 522-2000


Frozen kosher meats, wines, Cholov Yisroel dairy products and Pas Yisroel breads can be ordered from Chabad. Contact us on +297-592-7613 or online here to make an order. The Hadicurari Restaurant, located on Palm Beach between the Marriott and the Holiday Inn, usually hosts a large group of kosher guests each year in January. Call them to see if they are opting and or what they can arrange for you.

Most vacationers either choose to eat vegetarian meals during their stay or they bring their meals from home. Many will rent a car and shop at the large supermarkets for Kosher products and prepare their own food.

This is especially true for those who have timeshares and return to the island yearly who want to keep kosher in Aruba. Kong Hing is one of the larger supermarkets on the island and carries major American products.

It is on L.G.Smith Blvd. in Oranjestad and is a 5 minute drive by car from the hotels. Most supermarkets have U and K products (everything in Aruba is imported). They also carry Hebrew National products.

We have made inquiries to a majority of the resorts about their services for those who would like to keep kosher in Aruba while on vacation. None of the resorts have kosher kitchens but some resorts will try to accommodate their guests if notified in advance.

There are a few resorts that will be able to import kosher dinners and others that will store, heat and deliver your food to your room, or to a restaurant in the hotel that you are staying at, all for a fee.

There are also a number of companies that will prepare kosher meals and ship them to your vacation destination. This will all add to the cost of your vacation. I suggest you get referrals from people you trust that have used various companies services. Shop around and compare costs.

The Beth Israel Synagogue is the only synagogue on the island of Aruba. There are no chabads. I have been in contact with Rabbi Mario Gurevich, MD, who has been kind enough to provide me with some of the information that I have shared with you. The synagogue has services every Friday evening @ 7:30pm.


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