New Baby Products, one of my all time favorites places to shop for my son, is offering classes to help those new moms and returnee’s get some great info and retraining! Call, of sign up for Baby Basics, Breastfeeding, CPR, Cloth Diapering, and Skin to Skin… Call New Baby and sign up for your parenting class now 404-321-3874

Baby Basics

Bringing home your newborn baby can be very intimidating.  This Baby Basics Class will provide you with knowledge of what to expect at the hospital, questions to ask your pediatrician, and practical skills such as how to change a diaper using gender-specific dolls, the famous swaddling technique, how to give a sponge bath, caring for a circumcision, pumping tips, Happiest Baby on The Block Method and much more. This class is for couples.  $70/couple

Breastfeeding Your Baby

There is no greater joy and pride than to be able to nourish your baby with breastfeeding.  Breastfeeding is natural, but is a learned skill, and many moms benefit from support and guidance when questions arise as the relationship between mother and child grows at the breast.  The instructor can help you get off to the best possible start whether you plan to breastfeed for three months or three years.  Topics covered include what to expect the first days, latch & positioning, avoiding & overcoming common challenges, & more.  This is a couples class.  $70/couple

Infant CPR

Nothing could be worse than to see your child choking and not know how to dislodge the blockage, or needing to perform CPR but not knowing how.  Together we will learn how to save the life of your child or someone else’s child.  To preserve the learning experience of everyone, please do not bring any children.  $40/person

Cloth Diapering

This FREE class will be led by our own in-house Cloth Diapering Mom, Lindsay Nelson. Come & get your hands on several brands of cloth diapers & have your worst fears dispelled. Learn the lingo & some of the tricks Lindsay has found work well for her & her son, Walker.  FREE

Skin-to-Skin Baby-Wearing

Explore the techniques & benefits of wearing your baby skin-to-skin!  Medical research & demonstrations will be presented along with an opportunity for questions. Learn why & how to wear your baby next to your skin in this highly informative FREE class.  FREE


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