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Best Travel #Hashtags for Instagram

The use of travel hashtags: 101 Do not use hashtags in your description. I repeat: DO NOT use hashtags in your descriptions. The life of the tag is only a few minutes if not seconds. By simply cutting and pasting these travel hashtags into the section of your...

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Mexico’s Riviera Maya with Kids

I’m a big fan of what I like to call “sunny location vacations.” Sometimes families just need them and trust me you’ll know it when the time comes. They’re different than ski trips or adventures in Europe. Sure, families still get to visit a great, sometimes new...

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Booking flights…Determine When

Booking flights can be tricky. It’s hard to know what the best time to book airfare is – sometimes booking too early can actually result in higher rates. Hopper, a new company based in Massachusetts and Montreal, can help you determine when to book flights. It’s free...

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Jet lag survival…

Babies and toddlers can experience jet lag just like adults. Changing time zones requires the body to readjust to sleeping, waking, and eating patterns, which can result in a cranky child. You can take steps a few weeks before traveling to minimize the effects of jet...

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