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Keep your Beauty while vacation tanning!

"80% of your skin’s aged appearance is caused by the sun, not the passage of time".   Agh.. the dreaded yet coveted warmth of the summer's sun is coming very soon to the Georgia; and with that countless hours in the sun with your kiddos, at a party or sitting by...

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How to keep Kosher in Manila

When trying to keep kosher in Manila, when one first arrives can be VERY VERY challenging. However here are some quick tips on how to save your sanity. 1. Jewish Association of the Philippines (JAP) has your kosher meat, chicken, pita, challah, Tahini, and other...

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Pomelo Green Beans for Thanksgiving

This time last month I was setting off on a journey that started with me flying through the various weekend markets  where we spent the better part of the week many if the wet and dry markets of Manila. The farmers' market was completely transformed by the time I got...

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