What if your child woke up in your childhood bed and found themselves having their own freaky Friday morning, what would they think!

How about planning some fun ole school style like we used to back in the day! Here is some fun and different ideas for your kiddos while on holiday break!

Get physical

  1.  Spend a few hours spinning circles to the Top 40 hits at your local skating rink. (Aquarius was big hit in San Diego, when I was young).
  2. Get ‘Nsync- invite some of your child’s friends and choreograph a dance routine, from your favorite boy-girl band. You can even funk it up with costumes and stage names. (Video Tape for great memories).

Play games from days past:

  1. Introduce kids to Rubik cube and prove that something that cost less than 10.00 is really fun!
  2. Make your own Beanie Babies- pick an old stuff toy (the one your kids can’t live without) and cut a tiny incision in it. Pullout the stuffing and replace it with plastic pellets, rice, dried beans, or similar material. Leave room for pliability, sown it up and presto Beanie Baby!
  3. Compare High Scores- Head to the Arcade. A game of friendly competition is always healthy among siblings and parents alike. Play Pac Man, Donkey Kong, and my favorite Frogger.

Make awesome Memories

  1. Get totally grossed out- when the weather warms up, get your bathing suits on and head outside, take turns asking trivia questions. At any time one answers I don’t know you get slimed! For slime recipes check outycdtotv.com from slime recipes.
  2. Relive the “dancing baby phenomenon-show your kids the first viral video sensation, the “dancing baby” made popular by Ally McBeal show. Everyone has to try and replicate the moves of the baby. Play Barry White song, the “First, my Last, my everything” to help get the groove going!

Wishing you happy memories with your kids, from our house to yours!

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