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It Saturday and I’m in Tel Aviv after 16 days in Jerusalem. I have had many exciting adventures with family and by myself. It’s been an amazing experience to be in a land where 3 religions call this home. One thing I can tell you…don’t believe the TV!! The vibe here is calm; I feel no fear walking the streets in the evening with Alex or alone. Of course with all travel you must be careful of neighborhoods that are less than desirable, but I have no fear…just a sense of calm. Maybe because, I feel my grandparents and Domenico with me everywhere I go.

I know that you have seen me mention his name. Domenico is my “brother” from another mother, in the truest sense. I was there to see this beautiful soul come into this earth and leave as well. He was called home to soon, and for me I have a huge hole in my heart, but I know he is with his father in heaven. He love of G-d was solid and for him and his memory I walked the Station of the Cross-, in Domenico’s honor and released a monarch butterfly by the Sea of Galilee.

1 st Station of the Cross

1 st Station of the Cross

Jerusalem, I am still processing. I come as a tourist, a social worker and from a place of faith. From a place of faith; I found it much easier here to find my place, how I chose to practice in my dress and how and where I chose to eat. Not feeling judged or “pressure” to be a certain way, like when I am at home. There is a certain sense of freedom being the Holy Land, which I don’t feel when I am home. However that is another post, soon to come later.

While being here…I learned some things that travel books don’t tell you. One literally has to experience it and hopes to pass the info along to others!


Here are some tips & tricks

  1. Its very dry & dusty….have & drink plenty of water! I have had dry mouth with a scratchy throat…All due to the sand and dirt in the air.
  2. If you wear contacts….take them out daily even if you way disposable…the particles in the air cause them to stick and eyes irritated faster than usual.
  3. Try to be cute in your dress…BUT BE PRACTICIAL…walking shoes are a must.
  4. HAVE HAND LOTION AT ALL TIMES- especially those of us who come from Muggy climates….you will thank me.
  5. Always have gum or sucking candies. This helps combat the dryness in your mouth until you can get water and if you get dust in your mouth.


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