From what I hear raising girls can be a challenge sometime; I was one of those. Girls are emotional creatures at our deepest core. But when your daughter comes home and tells you that she has to put a dress on in order to be pretty, it will break your heart. Since the day I was born my mother (along with everyone around her) has always told me how beautiful she is. But for some reason this generation of girls are becoming hard wired to think that make-up, clothing and being skinny is what makes you pretty.

It’s time to break these molds and shatter these statistics. Teaching our girls from the moment they understand what it means to be a strong, intelligent your lady is not about what you’re wearing.

  • Here are some tips to help you raise a confident daughter:
  • Choose your words wisely – Our girls don’t always need to hear that they are pretty, beautiful or cute. It’s important to let them know that they are smart, clever and funny. If you are describing the other things that make her a great person she will learn to love herself that much more.
  • Listen – Have you ever stopped to ask your daughter how she feels about that billboard or movie star? You’d be surprised to find out how even the youngest girls see things. The more you listen the more you’ll know what you’re dealing with.
  • Everyone looks different for a reason – We have different skin colors, hair color and eye color. We are tall, short, curvy, skinny and round. We aren’t made from a cookie cutter so why should we look like we were all baked at the same time?
  • Beauty is what we make it – To me beauty is DOING something beautiful. Volunteering, giving to charity or helping someone in need.

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