Playground Dad has some good info for the New Dad…here is a great article below by Robwo4!

Take action when you become a father, there are several ways to help, even when you feel helpless.








To help out, give up an activity.  You’ll want to be with your new son or daughter more than you can imagine.  Decrease your social or professional commitments by one to make more time at home.

Volunteer your help.  Whether it’s changing a diaper, heating a bottle, or waking up in the middle of the night to re-swaddle your baby, your wife will appreciate your taking the initiative to help.

Get a glass of water.  Your wife is going to deal with a lot after giving birth.  Her body has gone through dramatic changes and she has experienced incredible hormonal changes, and she’s going to be exhausted.  Sometimes you can’t do anything to help, so get her a glass of water.  It shows her that you care.

Be cautious, but not paranoid.  Yes, your new baby is fragile, so you should be careful with her, but you aren’t going to break her.  She isn’t like an old cabbage patch doll, so don’t throw her, but don’t be Captain Paranoia either.

Share stories with your baby.  I know it sounds crazy to some, but set up an email account for your little gem.  With technology these days there are dozens of pictures or videos taken, but they aren’t shared often.  I’ve made it a point to sit down, at least monthly, to email my son some pictures from the past month along with a story that accompanies each one.  You can also email audio recordings of yourself.  Eventually your kiddo will get old enough to read these stories and will appreciate the memories.

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