Man and Child Having fun in the park.

Last year, when we inaugurated our Top 50 Dad Blogs list, we praised dad bloggers for “changing the way we think about fatherhood.” Indeed, a number of our favorite bloggers on this, our second Top 50 list, insist our thinking needs to be changed. They describe themselves as advocates for fathers, taking to their keyboards in order to counter dominant cultural stereotypes of dad-as-incompetent-buffoon. (You don’t believe them? Tune in to most any family sitcom on most any night of the week.) Others on the list aspire simply to entertain us with funny, relatable tales from the trenches. A few write to work through the shattering grief of losing a child or spouse.

This list features straight dads, gay dads, working dads, stay-at-home dads, geek dads, single dads, and more. In a culture where the dominant conversations around fatherhood center simply on whether dads can deign to change their kid’s diaper, it’s refreshing to see these guys take the public perception of parents into their own hands. We are again struck by the variety of their voices and experiences, which itself puts the lie to the notion of any one “typical dad.” A lot of our favorites from last year are back, while many worthy entrants are making their debuts. We hope you’ll enjoy laughing, crying, nodding, and discovering along with them as much as we have. As dads’ online influence grows, this list will only become more and more difficult to curate — and that’s a good problem to have. If you think we missed any of your favorite dad bloggers, nominate them here. – Barbara Spindel and the dad blog panel

1. Black Hockey Jesus2. How to Be a Dad3. Sweet Juniper

4. DadCentric

5. Lesbian Dad

6. Dad Wagon

7. Outnumbered

8. Wired’s GeekDad

9. Metrodad

10. Dad Labs

11. Blurbomat

12. Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords

13. Laid Off Dad

14. Why is Daddy Crying?

15. John Cave Osborne

16. Dad Camp

17. Cry It Out

18. Backpacking Dad

19. Rude Cactus

20. Mocha Dad

21. Honea Express

22. Dad Squared

23. Single Dad Laughing

24. Made by Joel

25. 8BitDad

26. The Busy Dad Blog27. Bobblehead Dad28. C.C. Chapman

29. Matt, Liz and Madeleine

30. Dad Down Under

31. Childs Play x 2

32. Beta Dad

33. Dadventurous

34. Gay NYC Dad

35. Father Muskrat

36. GenX Daddy

37. NYC Dads Group

38. Clark Kent’s Lunchbox

39. Two Busy

40. Always Home and Uncool

41. Makes Me Wanna Holler

42. Daddy Types

43. Daddy Files

44. Frugal Dad

45. ChangingDad

46. The Daddy Complex

47. The Spohrs are Multiplying

48. Grill Interrupted

49. Growing Sideways

50. High Tech Dad

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