So recently I was on a FB page of Jewish mommies and the questions of when traveling “where are the kosher places to eat?” and “where are the best place to stay?” and what’s the Jewish community like”?

These are all good questions and tons of research. So as someone who likes to travel by land, air and sea and have my child continue eat kosher food, stay within a budget; cause let’s face it, travel is expensive and eating out another hidden cost, finding a farmer’s market can make your trip fun and educational. With that in mind, I took a trip to my local DeKalb Farmer’s Market with a Rabbi and his wife. Rabbi Yehuda Borooson, Head Rabbinic Field Representative for the Southeast Region for the Orthodox Union, walked with me through the market and informed me on what can be purchased without a hecsher.

This is good information to know, as families are getting ready to travel locally and aboard. This trip to the farmer market allows families to keep kosher and not “stress” if there is not a hecsher on the item or food, in the event a kosher restaurant is not in the area, or if your budget is tight!

So here the list of items that do not need a hecsher… (disclaimer…if you have question consult your local Rav or Kashrut Commission)

  • Whole Fish ONLY with scales and fins. Have them fillet the fish in front of you, or in your sight line; skin needs to remain intact on the fish. Once you get home, rinse the fish and cut a thin layer off the sides.
  • Fish head are all ok, as long as you can identify the fish as kosher. (see you local list of kosher fish; regions vary)
  • Raw nuts of any kind, as long as they are dry roasted and plain.
  • Dried Fruit: ingredients to say sugar, unsulfured or citric acid. (NO OIL of any kind)
  • Honey
  • Pure unblended Juice; except Grape juice.
  • Unflavored teas and coffee
  • Cold pressed extra Virgin olive oil
  • Plain diced tomatoes in a can
  • Beans or Beans with spice pack (throw spice pack away)
  • Any milled sugar, cornstarch, flours
  • Couscous, Quinoa, millet, amaranth and pearl barley
  • Baking powder
  • Any of the pure spices; (onion, garlic or poultry seasonings are NOT ok).

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The NO’s

  • No bread or pastry
  • No trial mixed nuts
  • NO produce from Israel fresh or dried (for more information
  • No open salads
  • NO cheese
  • NO Meat

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