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Why we used disposables; then changed to cloth diapers!

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When my husband and I found out we were expecting, we looked around for cloth diapering systems and became overwhelmed with all the information and no one to point us in the right direction. The whole system looked completely complicated and truly expensive. Also, neither of us wanted to deal with the poop, the smell and the hassle of lugging the “hundred pound pee” down two flights of stairs to place outside for the service to pick up. So in the end we went with disposables and my husband would cringe at the cost and the implication for environment. But we did not have anyone in our circle who could tell us of the benefits of cloth diapering. See, I was new to Atlanta, did not have a circle of girlfriends and those I did have, their children were already out of diapers, were not married or had children, frankly we were at a loss. So for almost 2 years we used disposables until we came into the light.

I started a meet-up group for moms and was lucky enough to have several of the members who cloth diaper their children, introduce me to this new phenomenon. We really did not make the decision until this summer when Alex came home with a rash that blistered on the diaper line. That made the difference. After calling my husband who was overseas in Africa and describing what had happened to Alex’s bum, I called my friend Lisa, who cloth diapers her son, to get help. Lisa gave me some her diaper’s to try out and I was hooked. Lisa told me about Nikki Diaper’s. But then I asked around and found the GroVia and Bum Genius worked best for us. I called my local favorite child’s boutique, New Baby Products, and the girls really helped me up with everything we needed for Alex. Yes, the initial payout was expensive; however the 4 months we’ve been using cloth diapers cost less than 2 months of disposables.

Yes! We still use disposables on occasion and when Alex is at Gan (daycare), however he uses only 3-4 a day and we feel better for the environment and most of all our pocket book.

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